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Commercial upholstery require California  industrial fabric regulation to have fire retardant (Resistant to catch fire). For example using fiire retardannt in upholstery has an important impact, because using this fabric in one sofa can help to prevent fire by accident. Hospitality fabrics is protected by Teflon and acrylic for use in “commercial upholstery”. We use special fabrics for commercial upholstery

For commercial upholstery we use HR foam, that is require for better result on shape and durability. We use 70/30 natural cotton, naugahyde or contract vinyl for any commercial furniture. More than 100,000 double rubs cheap vinyl will crack and wear and tear your furniture. Restaurant booth for more durability is recommended to use alder wood, glue and screws or dwelt instead of staples. HR foam naugahyde and hospitality fabrics are requirede.

Any commercial upholstery includes wall upholstery, hotel upholstery, dentist benches upholstery, and any furniture used in business offices or buildings.

Upholstering waiting room chair

Waiting room chair before upholstering frame and springs has to be inspected and fabric have scotch guard before installation. We do any waiting room chair or sofa upholstery service. Most waiting room chair are upholstered carefully for long life durability in heavy uses in restaurant, hotel or office.  Professional upholsterers will care your commercial furniture for any business. Bring us your waiting room chair to WM Upholstery.  Get many benefits upholstering your waiting room chair in our upholstery store. Give us a call or email us.

Wall upholstery

In Wall upholstery there are three different types of installation in traditional walls. Some wall are installed with dacron padding and double welt. Other walls for example, acoustical wall we use special padding fiber glass and track. Panel wall is applied with square fiber glass panels, and installed with special glue. We sell beautiful color fabric for any custom wall upholstery in business uses. We have fabric samples available for wall upholstery.  Contac us for more information about waiting room chair upholstery. At a glance: luxury wall upholstery, new wall upholstery, wall upholstery reupholstery, wall reupholstered, custom wall upholstery, wall upholstery service.

Hotel upholstery

Hotel lobby furniture upholstery are used a lot in hotels every day. For this reason WM hotel pholstery has a large selection of contract fabrics for hotel upholstery, and different density foam. We work for designers and architect. It’s very important to use high quality material for any hotel furniture. We know the importance of luxury and quality reupholstering any hotel furniture.  We are expert making hotel upholstery.  Free pick-up and delivery for any hotel furniture upholstery service. At a glance: hotel upholstery, hotel reupholstery, upholstery hotel, hotel sofa upholstery, hotel couch repair.

Dentist benches upholstery

Dentist benches upholstery use Naughty vinyl is not recommended, we a crew specialize in the upholstery of those benches mechanism is complicated.

For the business owner we work according with their schedule. We fix everithing related to dentist benches upholstery. We have hight quality vinyl for any dentist benche for clinics and hospitals. At a glance: dentist benche upholstery repair service., new dentist benches, upholstery for dentist benches, reupholstery dentist benches, dentist benches restoration.

Commercial upholstery, hotel upholstery, wall upholstery, dentist benches


We repair any commercial furniture for:

  • Restaurant booth

  • Booth repair

  • Hotel furniture upholstery

  • Hotel lobby furniture upholstery

  • Waiting chair upholstery

  • Hospital uphosltery

  • Dentist benches upholstery


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